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The best care begins with building a solid support system.

Self-direction puts you in charge of choosing and managing Direct Care Professionals and scheduling the supports and services you want. PAS provides clerical, administrative, and payroll support that makes getting your services easier, so you can focus on what makes life enjoyable and rewarding. At PAS, we offer both Fiscal Management Services and Representative Payee Services.

Fiscal Management Services Programs

MI Health Link

MI Health Link offers many services in a single program. Medical and behavioral health services, pharmacy, home and community-based services, and nursing home care are all available.

MI Choice

The MI Choice Waiver Program is for adults who are eligible for Medicaid. You may be able to receive skilled nursing services in your own home or other setting. The program also provides community living supports, homemaking services, personal care, and non-medical transportation.

Child Waiver

The Children’s Waiver Program (CWP) helps with supports and services for children at home. The program is for those who need medical or behavioral attention on a daily basis

Veteran Services

Through the Veteran Directed Care (VDC) program, you can self-direct your long-term service and supports. If you are a veteran, you may be able to keep living independently and at home. And, you could be in control of using your flexible budget to meet your needs.

For each of these programs, our fiscal management services include:
  • Maintaining an extensive database of in-home Direct Care Professionals who provide the services you need
  • Coordinating enrollment paperwork for all Direct Care Professionals and participants
  • Processing background checks for Direct Care Professionals
  • Tracking time, processing timesheets and administering payments
  • Providing electronic timesheet submission
  • Withholding and filing applicable payroll taxes for you and your Direct Care Professional(s)
  • Reporting and filing taxes
  • Maintaining complete records related to your services
  • Communicating with your Care Manager and others to assist you as your needs change
  • Providing access to payroll reports through our web portal
  • Supporting compliance with State and Federal rules and regulations
  • Providing Workers Compensation for your Direct Care Professional(s), if necessary

Representative Payee Services

Our services as a Representative Payee include:
  • Determining the beneficiary’s needs and using their payments to meet those needs
  • Saving any money left after meeting the beneficiary’s current needs in an interest-bearing account or savings bonds for the beneficiary’s future needs
  • Reporting any changes or events which could affect the beneficiary’s eligibility for payments
  • Keeping records of all payments received and how it was spent and saved
  • Providing all records of how payments are spent or saved to the Social Security Administration upon request
  • Reporting any changes that would affect performance or continuing as payee
  • Completing reports, accounting for use of payments, as required
  • Returning any payments to which the beneficiary is not entitled
  • Returning to Social Security Administration any payments saved when we are no longer the representative payee for the beneficiary

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