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Electronic Visit Verification will be Mandatory Starting September 3!

Looking for a partner that can help you transition? We implemented EVV in 2018 and are proud to say we have 100% current compliance.
We spend one-on-one time with each individual to train them on the system and ensure they are comfortable using it.
Contact us today: email: info@passelfdirection or call: 877.729.3181.

Partnering for Success with Consumer Directed Services.

Self-direction means you can save time and avoid hassles while still having the freedom to pick the supports and services you want; from the people you choose. At PAS, we take care of the paperwork, payroll, tax filings and other administrative work involved in hiring and managing Direct Care Professionals, so you can live your best life.

We pride ourselves on delivering great customer service, professional staff and high-quality Consumer Directed Services that ultimately support you in living the life you choose.

Contact us today to learn more or to enroll.

Serving our neighbors and communities throughout Michigan with financial management and representative payee services.

Financial Management Services and Employer Agent

PAS empowers individuals and families through the Home and Community Based Waiver programs. We provide foundational support through the administrative work involved in facilitating Consumer Directed Services provided by Direct Care Professionals, Staffing Agents, Job Coaching, and Supported Employment. You will find support with implementing your own choices through available resources and a variety of services.

Representative Payee

As a Representative Payee we work with individuals and families to create a housing budget based upon their living choices. We also process expenses outlined in the housing budget, monitor benefits and expenses, not to exceed available funding and report any invoices or expenses that we are unable to process.

What makes us different?

Exceptional Consumer Directed Services
Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized customer support, assisting with your questions and concerns. Throughout your partnership with PAS, we will connect with your Care Manager or Service Coordinator to make your experience the best it can be.

Extensive Experience
We have been leaders in Michigan self-direction for over 24 years. We focus entirely on self-directed programs; we are not a staffing agency or a co-employer. Count on our skills and knowledge to help you on your journey.

Ease of Enrollment
We offer a range of enrollment options to suit your needs. You can choose to have someone visit your home, come to our office, or enroll remotely. Our goal is to make it easy for you and help you through the process.

Comprehensive Training and Education Resources
Self-direction can be complicated. We provide Participant and Direct Care Professional training and support beyond the mandated requirements. All of our training and support materials are available in different formats. We offer education and outreach to Care Managers or Service Coordinators on our process and how best to work together to deliver a positive experience.

We take pride in our forward-thinking approach, constantly seeking ways to improve the experience. We have been providing EVV since 2018 with more than 99% of our Participants using our EVV system. Our commitment to EVV began before it became a state requirement. We are making all our materials available in multiple languages to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all.

Direct Care Professionals

Want to add your name to our database for home-based care opportunities and consumer directed services?

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