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Electronic Visit Verification will be Mandatory Starting September 3!

Looking for a partner that can help you transition? We implemented EVV in 2018 and are proud to say we have 100% current compliance.
We spend one-on-one time with each individual to train them on the system and ensure they are comfortable using it.
Contact us today: email: info@passelfdirection or call: 877.729.3181.


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Why work at PAS?

We believe in supporting our aging and disabled neighbors to live their best lives by self-directing when, how, where and from whom they receive their personal care services. This mission is personal to our team, it reflects who we are and influences every aspect of our business. We’ve designed our services to provide a superior experience and ultimately a healthier life. 

A culture of compassion

As much as these financial needs are essential, we also understand the need for empathy and compassion for those facing ongoing difficulties. That’s why our team members are committed to a superior level of customer service, in which every client is treated with the care and compassion of a family member. 

Current Openings

About PAS and AssuranceSD


We provide hands-on, heartfelt fiscal management and employer agency services for individuals choosing self-direction. As part of the AssuranceSD family of companies, we believe when choosing self-direction, independence is the goal. But independence with assurance is the ideal outcome. As such, we help make it possible for individuals with long-term care needs to live independently in their local communities – with greater power, control, and confidence.

Through facilitating self-direction, AssuranceSD improves the standard of home care available to aging seniors as well as individuals with special needs. We enable care recipients, and their loved ones, the ability to take ownership over their personal care services, ensuring that they receive quality and comprehensive care with minimal disruption. 

When it comes to choosing self-direction, independence is the goal. But independence with assurance is the ideal outcome. Join a team that has the national reach and scale coupled with the local understanding to help participants live their way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help strengthen communities through enabling individuals to elect and manage their own care programs, including how, when, and who delivers these services. This helps care recipients retain their dignity during what are often challenging times and ensures they receive the most appropriate services available. 

Our Core Values


Everyone is working through their own sets of challenges. We recognize that words and actions have consequences, and we strive to maintain an environment where our participants and colleagues feel understood and supported.


We never accept the status quo. The best participant experiences are created by questioning, pushing, and testing assumptions.


We demand the best from ourselves and our teammates. We will never compromise on quality, expectations, and experience.


We give people the support and resources they need to act for themselves to live their best lives and do their best work.


We take action and make decisions that never compromise the strength of our moral compass.

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