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Senior couple smiling and enjoying each other's company together in their house.

AARP Survey Finds Americans Prefer to Stay Home as They Age

A “Home and Community Preferences” survey by AARP found more than 75 percent of adults over 50 want to remain at home as they age. The survey polled almost 3,000 American adults of all ages. The survey found that most Americans were forced to make lifestyle adjustments during the pandemic. Despite lifestyle changes, older Americans felt less isolated at home than younger adults.

Remaining closer to family at home contributed to a change in preference for in-home support services. Older adults owning their homes also contributed to staying home over traditional long-term care services. Many older adults do admit accommodations to their home are needed to live there longer. These can include renovations to bathrooms, kitchens, and stairways.

Two-thirds of respondents preferred assistance at home if they had an illness or disability. Other interesting notes from the survey included:

  • 69% of Americans would share their home with a relative as they age.
  • 54% would share their home with a friend as they age.
  • 40% of caregivers polled already live with their employer.

Survey takers were also asked what they look for when they had to choose a new home. Top factors included ease and cost of maintenance, cost of living, safety, and proximity to family. Community factors were also polled. Most preferred proximity to grocery stores, health care, parks, trails, and accessible streets.

Full survey findings from AARP can be found through the link below.

AARP Trends in Home and Community Preferences

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